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Jun 7, '11

I have heard dozens of opinions about the need, or lack thereof, for content filtering in the work place. I have heard the side of, "We are all adults here," and "We expect our employees to exercise restraint while in the work place." I have actually talked to company CEO's that have said, "As long as they have their office door closed we don't care what they do on the Internet."


Sep 14, '11

I work as a programmer and try my best to stay out of anything that hints at being anything other than technical. If something comes my way that smells in the least like a corporate, marketing, human resources, or other nasty untechnical topic, I am the first to hide under my desk or run the other way. But like taxes, bullies, and Mother-in-laws, sometimes you can't run or hide from this unsavory subject if the ball rests in your court because you are the technical person in IT who has to administer the infrastructure for internet use.