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Apr 16, '09

Getting Dynamic

You probably don’t know about it, but a debate rages between Internet Filter vendors over whether it’s better to filter the Internet based on a big fat list of bad URLs, or to use a smart filtering engine to analyze every URL users visit to make the BLOCK/ALLOW call.


Feb 11, '09

Two Hours . . . Per DAY

Two hours. That’s how much time a fairly large chunk of American workers with access to the Internet fess up to spending surfing the web, each day. EACH DAY.


Jan 22, '09

It's Hard To Keep Up--We Can Help

Times have changed. There was a time when you could put up a big URL list and block every distracting or inappropriate website your employees or students could ever think of going to.

Well, you can still do that, but now all the surfers have to do is use httpS instead of http, and they're off and surfing the bad waves again. Plus, half the content your users are accessing isn't even browser-based. You've got Bit Torrent, You Tube, Hulu, Pandora, whatever. So now it's not just content, but it's also bandwidth.

Did you know that? And even if you did know that, what's the solution? Most Internet filters fix the secure site problem by simply blocking secure traffic. Which is great until you actually need secure web traffic. What about bank sites? What about 401k sites? What about, you know, ALL the secure sites you use every day? Blocking all SSL traffic could cripple you.

The ContentProtect Security Appliance does what other products can't


Jan 15, '09

Is the Content You're Getting the Content You Want?

You'll hear me say this pretty often on this blog: Is the content you're getting the content you want? With the economy this bad, nobody can afford even a little reduction in productivity. And really, our products are as much about economics as anything else.