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Mar 5, '12

5 BYOD Revelations You Should Know About

The mass of research on BYOD (bring your own device) is rightly done. It has hit offices in a global way. But popularity doesn't always mean effective. Should all companies implement this idea to increase productivity? If you are contemplating a BYOD policy for the mobile devices in your company, consider this info from Heather Clancy at (who cites the findings of Forrester Research).


Mar 2, '12

What Not To Do & What To Do when you BYOD

At organizations around the world, the BYOD (bring your own "mobile" device) trend is here to stay. If you have to abide by a policy, you should know a few do's and don'ts that pertain to personal device use at work. Matt Scott from ComputerWeekly has come up with his own personal list. I like it!


Mar 1, '12

Government Agencies are Forced into BYOD and MDM

BYOD (bring your own device) is rising in popularity and has government agencies on alert.  First, the increase in use of smartphones and tablets by employees in all types of organizations is causing new support challenges for IT. This issue, coupled with limited IT budgets not allowing for internal mobile device purchases or upgrades, is only going to cause an increase in BYOD.


Feb 29, '12

Malware Blockers Won't Ever Work the Way You Want Them To

Last week I spoke at a community event, educating 200+ parents on the dangers of the Internet, the ways teens may circumvent parental controls, and what parents can do to help maximize Internet protection in the home. It was time for Q/A when one parent rose her hand to ask, “How can I know if my child is looking at pornography?” I gave my response, which related to child behavior and the signs of addiction, but another parent chimed in to offer another clue: the amount of malware or viruses found on the computer. If the computer is constantly infected by viruses or malware, he explained, it's probably because someone in the house is visiting malware-hotbeds, which often take the form of porn websites.


Feb 28, '12

BYOD Survey

Via smart phones, mobile sites, business applications and more, the consumerization of IT continues to impact the way employees use technology at work. Many organizations are shifting away from company-issued devices and adopting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, which allow employees to use the mobile technology they're most familiar with. There's a lot of buzz around the benefits of BYOD in an increasingly mobile workforce, but little discussion around the policies needed to establish rules and guidelines for usage.


Feb 24, '12

Can you Stay Safe Using Wi-Fi?

I'm a dying breed. This President's Day while shopping, I considered upgrading to a smartphone, but chose not to. I may be one of the last who still uses a standard cell phone. We, who choose to remain smartphone-free, do not have to deal with issues such as expensive data plans or malware or rogue apps or cell phone hackers.


Feb 23, '12

Protect Your Smartphone Right Before it's Stolen

In the time it takes you to read this, two laptops will have been stolen. Maybe more if you read slowly.  As much as we'd like to discuss crime rates, there's not much we can do when our devices are stolen. We can file a police report, hope for the best, and cringe knowing that the thief now has access to all of our valuable data, right? No. We can do more.