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Jun 7, '11

I have heard dozens of opinions about the need, or lack thereof, for content filtering in the work place. I have heard the side of, "We are all adults here," and "We expect our employees to exercise restraint while in the work place." I have actually talked to company CEO's that have said, "As long as they have their office door closed we don't care what they do on the Internet."


May 14, '14

The consequences of data loss can be devastating for a company. Lost data can result in financial losses and can have a negative impact on the reputation of a company. Recovering lost information and recreating data can be nearly impossible.


Dec 4, '13

Mobile devices are becoming incredibly common and more and more companies are allowing their employees to use their personal mobile devices for business use. The term BYOD “Bring your own device” is being a very common practice. The use of personal devices for business purposes is even more common every day. Unfortunately the consequences of using these devices without security measures can cause some very uncommon consequences.


Nov 30, '11

A few months ago I wrote a blog about the need, or lack thereof, for an Antivirus solution for Android and iOS and that users should instead search for a good Application Manager. You can read this post here if you like.

Today, I am ecstatic that someone more reputable and with more clout than I is finally speaking up. Chris DiBona the Google Open Source Program Manager, unleashing a complete rant about the lack of a need for an Anti-Virus program for Android and iOS.  The Manager went as far as calling companies pushing this technology, “Charlatans and Scammers. You can read his comments here.

Let me be very clear. I am not saying, “There are no threats to data loss or privacy on mobile devices. I agree that there are many malicious or shady applications found on the Google Market, and even in iTunes that will steal your information, spy on you, incur data or voice charges, etc. But calling these applications “viruses is a serious misnomer and is just a ploy by the “Scammers and Charlatans to get your money.

These rogue/shady applications do not infect your device; these applications don’t “magically appear on your phone by opening an infected attachment or visiting a malicious website; these applications only get on your device by you, the owner of the device, selecting to download and install them. If a user does not choose to download and install these apps, they will never get on their phone. 

My suggestion: Don’t run out and drop money on an anti-virus solution that is really just taking up space on your SD card and sucking your battery life


Aug 29, '12

There are 80 million Millennials in the United States. Millennials (Generation Y) are people who were born between the early ‘80s and early 2000s. They use digital technologies to an increased degree, utilize many forms of communication, and access many forms of media regularly.


Sep 14, '11

I work as a programmer and try my best to stay out of anything that hints at being anything other than technical. If something comes my way that smells in the least like a corporate, marketing, human resources, or other nasty untechnical topic, I am the first to hide under my desk or run the other way. But like taxes, bullies, and Mother-in-laws, sometimes you can't run or hide from this unsavory subject if the ball rests in your court because you are the technical person in IT who has to administer the infrastructure for internet use.