VLCM is a leading IT provider for the Rocky Mountain Region with offices in Utah and Idaho. The company offers customized IT solutions and warranty/non-warranty repairs for small to medium-sized businesses, educational institutions, non-profits and government organizations. The company prides itself on delivering superior products, meeting specific customer needs and delivering exceptional customer service. Its mission is to help businesses run more efficiently, lower overhead, increase uptime, and improve productivity. As a result, VLCM seeks to partner with exceptional vendors that address these client needs.


With clients in business, government and educational sectors looking to increase productivity, decrease liability, and maximize revenue, VLCM needed a superior Internet content filtering and reporting solution. Dissatisfied with their previous product offering, VCLM made it a priority to partner with a software vendor that not only leads the industry standard, but that also delivers exceptional account management and customer service to both VLCM and its clients.

"Our team did extensive research to find a cost-effective, best-of-breed solution for our customers," says Shaun Steel, General Manager. "We wanted to partner with a software vendor that follows through on its promises and shares our business values. It is important for us to provide the best products and pricing to meet our customers' needs. Our Internet filtering solution at the time did not fulfill our clients' needs, and we did not feel comfortable selling it. We had heard about ContentWatch and wanted to see if there was something there. We thoroughly researched and reviewed a number of different products, but only ContentWatch satisfied all of our requirements," explains Mr. Steel.


"Getting to know ContentWatch was a very smooth and pleasant process," says Chad Sirrine, VLCM Account Manager. "Their team came to our office to train us about their solutions-- ContentProtect Security Appliance and ContentProtect Pro software. We were very impressed with their products' features, especially the ability to search intelligently within web pages and sites. In addition, ContentWatch has become one of our best partners in terms of customer service. Our contact with the company is unbelievably quick, responsive, and detailed--making our response time to our clients that much faster. At VLCM, we pride ourselves in making our clients feel as if they're the only one; whatever the problem, we'll take care of it. ContentWatch does the exact same for us. Communication and response time has always been our biggest challenge when it comes to vendor partnerships. ContentWatch has definitely broken that mold."

Whether it is for business, healthcare, government or education, Internet filtering compliance is getting more and more strict. Clients in all sectors are concerned that content filtering products not only stay current with laws, but also ahead of the curve. The scalable and high-performing ContentProtect Security Appliance offers filtering, traffic shaping, high-level reporting and the ability to integrate with Active Directory. It differs from the ContentProtect Pro software it that it filters any device receiving a Wi-Fi signal on company property, including tablets and smartphones. The ContentProtect Pro software keeps company-owned laptops filtered no matter where the device may be, making a perfect endpoint solution for a mobile workforce.

For productivity and legal purposes, both the ContentProtect Security Appliance and software solution have effectively managed visits to social networking sites and streaming media in the workplace. Uniquely situated at the gateway, the appliance monitors everything going in and out in real-time without slowing down throughput. Furthermore, the ContentProtect Pro software solution optimizes performance and functionality with fast results.

"Our clients love the ContentProtect Security Appliance and ContentProtect Pro software," says Mr. Sirrine. "They praise the effortless management tools, the simple filtering, the easy individual user reports, and the ability to drill down into specifics. My clients have told me that because they have more flexibility, they're able to efficiently take back control by managing the environment and enabling their employees to be more productive."


"We believe in long-term customer relationships," says Mr. Sirrine. "In addition to working with best-of-breed solutions and partnering with vendors, we offer our clients educational seminars and events many times throughout the year. ContentWatch has been more than willing to partner with us on these events. They're not in it to just sell a product, they really want to help their clients in any way they can."

Finally, since Internet filtering accounts for approximately 10-15% of VLCM's business, ContentWatch has significantly helped improve VLCM's bottom line. "We are extremely satisfied with our partnership with ContentWatch," says Mr. Steel. "We highly recommend them to VARs looking to improve the value of their product offerings and to increase their business revenue. The ContentWatch products have become somewhat of a bread-and-butter solution for us."

About VLCM

Founded in 1983, VLCM has a long history of meeting the technology needs of small to medium-sized businesses, educational institutions, non-profits and government organizations throughout Utah and Idaho. As a leading supplier of IT solutions, VLCM researches the best products and pricing to meet the needs of its customers.

About ContentWatch, Inc.

Based in Salt Lake City, ContentWatch delivers Internet security solutions for the consumer and business markets. ContentWatch intends to lead the global industry with Internet management tools and services that employ its patent-pending contextual analysis engine to provide a safer, more productive Internet experience. ContentWatch delivers Internet Management solutions in more than 157 countries, and is the Reviewer’s Choice for Government Computer News and Editors' Choice for PCMag. For more information visit www.contentwatch.com or follow www.twitter.com/netnanny on Twitter.