ContentProtect Appliance

Reduce Liability

Avoid potential legal liability by preventing employees from accessing non-work related and offensive material. IDC estimates that the average worker spends 30-40% of their day using the Internet for non-work related activities.

The CP Appliance curtails this with robust yet simple to setup tools. You can drag and drop users into custom policies you've created.

Increase Productivity

Resources are limited, and your job is making sure that critical processes get the highest priority.

The goal is to keep your data stream as clean and clear as possible. Break down usage history to the individual user, create rules and assign priority levels based on user or application - all in real time.

Maintain Security

Spyware and viruses are the eternal plague of the Internet. They penetrate your infrastructure through various channels - email, web sites, downloaded files, etc.

Discover the source of infections, including the user, and block it forever. It's unlikely that a virus or spyware will ever get through because the CP Security Appliance employs the latest anti-spyware and anti-virus technology to stay up to date on new threats.


The CP Security Appliance has been built to address your needs. Here are several other customer requested features you'll find inside:

The powerful ContentProtect Security Appliance is an Internet Management Device that uses the latest technology that delivers unprecedented Network Analytics - for faster, more accurate business decisions. Its all-in-one approach solves the problems created when users, applications and threats battle for network resources. With a robust line of appliances, tailored to networks from 50 users to 50,000, we can provide Internet management for any organization- from branches or small businesses to emerging and mid-enterprise organizations.

Internet Management Device Model Specifications

Product Total bandwidth supported Max device supported Content Filtering HTTP/HTTPS Detailed Reporting Traffic Shaping, prioritization and layer 7 application recognition Configurable Web Caching Hardware size
CP20 20 Mbps 800 YES YES YES YES 1U
CP50 50 Mbps 5000 YES YES YES YES 1U
CP200 200 Mbps 20000 YES YES YES YES 1U

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ContentProtect Appliance Introduction

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